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 Finally... you can make a profit off your web site

Web sites are a necessity for any business today. They help advertise and brand your company, generate sales leads, and even make sales.  And they have also become an essential part of company PR and customer service as well. But most Web sites are a drain of company resources, costing rather than profiting a company.

Not a pretty picture, but it doesn't have to be that way. Because creating a site that works for you is really quite simple, as long as you put your customer's interests before yours and understand that a visit to a website is nothing more or less than a sales call. So...

client buying from internet Put on a happy face
A visit to your web site is the first opportunity you have to meet and greet a potential customer. So you need to put your best foot forward. But that doesn't mean going hog wild over design. That's the first mistake most businesses make. The simple truth is plain Jane and even ugly sites that can deliver the goods sell, and usually better than sites honed to magazine-like perfection. But that doesn't mean you can put up a piece of schlock either. Your site does have to have some measure of visual appeal so that it can tell your story in an engaging and persuasive way.

Introduce your company

Like any good salesman, a site has to work hard for you to convert lookers into buyers. But you can't expect your site to do it all for you, no matter how attractive and clever it is. There's an old adage that's still painfully true... "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." And that's precisely the situation most business owners are in with their web sites today. People come. They look. They leave... but they don't buy. What's even worse is they don't come back.

Put your new customer through the wringer
No product sells itself. You need a sales funnel and a sales process to lead a customer down the proverbial garden path. And you can't go for the jugular and expect to ring up a sale the first time a visitor comes to your site. That will happen, but not often enough. What you need to do is open a dialogue with your visitors and exchange something of value (like a white paper or a CD) for something of theirs (i.e. contact information). Build on a series of exchanges like this and over time you will instill confidence and trust, which will inevitably lead to a sale.
Bill Lilling, the internet man
"I haven't met a business owner yet who was really happy with the way his web site was performing. They always want their site to do more. And usually it can, but often they just expect too much or have totally wrong expectations.

Over the last 16 years I've worked on 200+ sites, all built on solid principles of sales and advertising, instead of just looks or technology. That's why they've garnered thousands of first page positions for their keywords, and made millions of dollars for their owners. I also personally handle every element of a site's construction... from sales strategy to shopping cart.
If you have a site that's underperforming, are considering a new site for your company, or want to take your company to a new level via the net... call me at 843-314-4770 for a FREE CONSULTATION."

Why me? I've done it. Been there. Many times over.

Bill Lilling, the real internet man

PS> That grey hair's not age. That's experience... 40 years in the trenches as a master copywriter writing for all media from direct mail post cards to television commercials.

  Some nice things people have said about me and my work

I have worked with Bill on numerous projects, encompassing many industries over the last 4 plus years. He is not only highly proficient and effective, but is also very adept at understanding and applying the specific needs of each business and industry. His excellence in SEO is complemented by his experience executing marketing and advertising in virtually all channels and media. In addition to working with Bill directly I have referred him to multiple other companies and consistently heard the same praises that I share regarding his expertise.” September 9, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Joe Cavanaugh, owner of Media Overstock
hired Bill for SEO/Webmaster/Advertising/Marketing in 2008, and hired Bill more than once


Bill is quite simply the best at what he does. He knows web design and SEO inside and out and has been invaluable in creating a website and back-end that is productive and flawless in design. Could not recommend someone more highly.

As an added bonus, he is a great person and an absolute pleasure to work with.” September 27, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Jack Wright, owner of Woofwerks
hired Bill as an Internet Consultant in 2010


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